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when moshiach will come

project #3




 two-sided stick tape



 1) Color in the pictures.

 2) Cut out the crutches, cane, scar mark and cast.

 3) Cut tiny strips of two-sided tape.

 4) Stick a strip of two-sided tape onto the back of the above pictures.

 5) Stick on the pictures where they belong.

 6) The crutches go under the boy's hand. The cast goes on the boy's leg. The cane goes under the girl's hand. The scar mark goes on the girl's foot.



When Moshiach comes, there will be no sick people, Boruch Hashem. We will be able to serve Hashem with all our might. No one will have any sicknesses or handicaps that could prevent them from learning Torah or Davening to Hashem. Help the boy and girl, on the picture, get rid of their "sicknesses".

(Mishneh Torah - Hilchos Melochim 12:5)

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