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Slider Puzzles

770 Eastern Parkway

Now that we are in golus, and no longer have the Beis HaMikdosh in Yerushalayim, the Beis Rabbeinu Shbebavel, the Beis HaMikdosh in golus, is 770


Higia Zman Geulaschem

When Moshiach will come, the place where the Beis HaMikdosh will first descend is 770, the Beis Rabbeinu Shbebavel, the Beis HaMikdosh in golus.

Techiyas HaMeisim

When Moshiach will come, everyone who ever passed away, will come back alive!

Techiyas HaMeisim.jpg

Kibbutz Golus

When moshiach will come, all the Yidden in the whole world will come to the Beis HaMikdosh.

World Peace

When moshiach will come, the world will be in total peace and calm. a wolf will lie with a sheep, instead of eating it.

The Beis HaMikdosh

When moshiach will come, we will once again have the Beis Hamikdosh, the resting place of the divine Shechina, and every one  will be able to see Hashem - G-d.

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