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Torah codes

I'm sure you know that the Torah has a lot of stories in it. I'm also sure you know that the Torah has a lot of laws in it. What I'm not sure is whether or not you know that hidden in the Torah are secret codes which hint at EVERYTHING that ever was, is, or will ever be.

In Megillas Esther we read about the hanging of the ten sons of Haman. Did you notice among their names 3 small letters? The name Parshndassa has a small tav (ת), the name Parmashta has a small shin (ש) and the name Vayezassa has a small zayin (ז). According to Gematria, tav equals 400, shin equals 300 and zayin equals 7; together that's 707. Well, guess what happened during the year (5)707? Ten Nazis were hung, and one killed himself (like Hamans daughter who killed herself)! And that's not all - one of these Nazis, a terrible murderer named Julius Striecher, had to be dragged to the gallows by force. Finally, when he was about to die, he said his last words. Do you know what they were? "Purim-fest!"

Let's take a look at another example. We all know that true understanding comes from the Torah, and according to the Torah, there are 50 levels of understanding. Now, the first word in the Torah, ('Bereshis'), ends with a tav. Now, count another 50 letters and you get a vav; another 50 letters and you get a reish, another 50 letters and you get a hey. What does that spell? Torah!

The prophet Yeshaya tells us that one of the things that will happen at the time of Redemption is that the non-Jews will recognize Hashem as the One and Only G-d, and they will all serve him. Sure enough one of the ways this is happening is in the Torah Codes. Recently, a book was written about the Torah Codes and thousands of non-Jews bought it and were talking about it. In fact all the newspapers wrote about it. They are now beginning to see that the Torah could not possibly have been written by a human-being.

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