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One of the most basic beliefs of Judaism is that there will come a time when every Jew who ever died will live again. According to Jewish tradition this will take place during the time of Moshiach.

After that we will live forever! In fact even the non-Jewish are going to live very long lives. As the prophet Yeshaya tells us, a one hundred year old person will be called a child. And that's not all: it is even possible that those people who will be living at the time when this takes place -will never have to die altogether!

Now, you may be surprised but according to the holy Zohar, "science" is something that is going to help bring the redemption. We already see this happening in many ways, but maybe the most amazing of them all is how science is helping to bring about this time in which people won't die anymore.

And here's how:

Science has discovered that one of the main reasons why people's bodies get weaker as they grow older is because their telomeres get ruined. Telomeres are little tiny things which protect cells from becoming unhealthy. Well, guess what? Scientists have recently discovered something which can fix ruined telomeres. If people would be able to fix their telomeres then their bodies would remain strong and fresh for an extremely long time. Maybe hundreds of years. Maybe forever. Even the scientists don't yet know the exact amount. As incredible as it is - this discovery has been made in our very own day and age!

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