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Outer space

The holy Zohar predicts that around the time of Moshiach's coming, a tremendous war will take place. This is what will take place: a group of objects in space will attack the planet Jupiter, and people on earth will be able to see all this. And who will be the winner? Jupiter - by far! It will swallow up the space objects as if they were nothing!

Well, it was Shabbos evening, July 17 1994, at exactly 4:04 p.m. when the first space object crashed into Jupiter and exploded into a huge fireball. This object, which by the way was about a mile long, was actually part of a huge comet which had recently split apart into 21 pieces. The hole that this object made in Jupiter was around a 1000 miles wide.

But don't worry - Jupiter is a thousandth size of earth, so it's not a big deal for it. The very same night 2 more of these twenty-one space-objects attacked Jupiter. This 3 attacks-a-day business repeated itself every day for an entire week.

Now scientist predict that even people with very powerful telescope wouldn't be able to see much. Boy were they wrong! Just as the Zohar predicted even people with weak telescopes were able to see amazing flashes of fire on Jupiter. And that's not all; the U.S. had a spacecraft there, named "Hubble", which took pictures of what was happening and transmitted them back to Earth!

Another amazing sign of the special times that were living in!


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