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One of the prophecies about the future redemption is that at that time there will no longer be any wars. The world will use its weapons and war machines only for good things.

Well, on January 31, 1992 the President of the United states and the Prime Minister of Russia, together with some leaders of other powerful countries, gathered together at the central meeting place of the United Nations (a special organization whose goal is to create peace and harmony among the different nations) and decided that once and for all they were really going to put an end to war. This would be done by each country destroying a certain amount of its weapons and by working together to create peace, unity, harmony and friendship among themselves.

There is another event which took place not long ago in which we see these words of the prophet coming true. There is a country in Africa called Somalia which had a terrible civil war in 1991. The main fighting took place in the capital- Mogadishu. As a result of the war there was not enough food in the city, and so about four million people were in danger of starving to death. In fact every day, hundreds of people were starving to death. When the United States of America heard about this, they sent warplanes loaded with food, medicine and clothing to help out these people. Rather than using these planes for war, and rather than keeping the food and clothing for themselves, the USA was now using these things to help out needy people who were not related to them and never had anything to do with them. This is the exact opposite of how things used to be. We are seeing how the entire world is beginning change and just as the prophet said - they are beginning to change for the better.

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