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when moshiach will come

project #2





 scotch tape

 blank piece of paper



 1) Color in the picture.

 2) Cut the dotted lines on the tanks.

 3) Cut the strips of paper on the dotted line.

 4) Tape or glue them together, so they form a Lshape.

 5) Fold the upper strip downwards.

 6) Fold the bottom strip towards the left.

 7) Continue folding down-wards and left-wards, criss-crossing the whole time. We are making a pop-up craft!

 8) Glue a piece of paper behind the page with the tanks.

 9) Tape the lawnmower and tractor on one end of each criss-cross.

 10) Tape or glue the other end of the criss-crosses inside the open flaps of the tanks. You are really glueing on the paper behind.


When Moshiach comes, there will be no more wars. There will be peace between all the nations of the world. Therefore, we will not need any tanks, missiles or guns. Instead of weapons, we will manufacture instruments that are helpful and useful. We will only make things that will help the world be a better place. For example, lawnmowers help us take care of our gardens. Tractors help us dig and build cities.

(Yeshayahu 2:4)

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