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preparing for moshiach

project #3



 3 paper clips




1) Color the pictures on the page.

2) With the tip of a paper fastener make a hole through the black dots on the page.

3) Attach a paper clip on the black dot on the a) set of candlesticks b) mother c) matzah 4) Draw a Jewish man receiving the Matzah.


The following two stories show us how the Rebbe was concerned that every Yid should do as many Mitzvos as possible.



In the year 5735 (1975), the Rebbe initiated Mivtzah Neshek. He urged all women and girls over three years old to light Shabbos candles. This campaign was highly publicized by his Chassidim. As a result of this campaign, five year old Sarah decided she wanted to bentch licht every Erev Shabbos.

Her parents were not yet frum and did not understand how important it is to light the candles and make the Brocha. She wanted to do the mitzvah so badly, she started crying, begging her mother for permission. Her mother couldn't bear her crying and finally gave in, allowing Sarah to bentch licht.

After several weeks, the mother began thinking; "How is it possible that I allow my daughter to light candles - yet I don't do it myself". The mother then decided to also light candles every Friday evening. Eventually, the whole family began keeping Torah and Mitzvos "all thanks to five year old Sarah's candles".

(Insert candles and mother with paper clips into the black holes.)

(Sichas Vov Tishrei, 5736)


The Rebbe once sent a Shliach to a certain city to give matzos to the Jew who lived in that city. The Shliach arrived, and couldn't find any Jews who lived there!!! He searched and searched and searched, but no one knew of anybody Jewish! Finally, someone told him to go to the restaurant, maybe, just maybe, the person working there is Jewish. When he arrived at the restaurant, one of the workers approached him crying: "Rabbi! How did you know to come? How did you know I need you?" The Shliach gave him the package of matzos and said: "This is from the Lubavitcher Rebbe. He sent me to you."

The Jew then explained that he had been contemplating conversion, Chas V'Shalom. He was very lonely, being the only Jew in this town and desperately needed a sign that Hashem does indeed exist and cares for him. He prayed to Hashem that within two weeks he should receive a sign. This day was the last day of the two weeks. The Shliach with the matzos from the Rebbe was his sign!

(Transfer the Maztzah from the Shliach to the Jewish man.)

(Chabad Magazine Vol. 3 No. 27))

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