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Malchus beis dovid

project #3


 gold or silver paper






1) Color Dovid Hamelech and Shlomo Hamelech.

2) Trace and cut out the four crowns, using the gold/silver paper.

3) Stick a crown on top of Dovid Hamelech and and on top Shlomo Hamelech.

4) Stick the remaining two crowns on the paper.

5) Draw the remaining two kings.



Hashem promised Dovid Hamelech that all the future Yiddishe kings will come from his children. Dovid Hamelech had many children, but Hashem told him that all the kings will come from Shlomo Hamelech. (Why was Shlomo so special? Because he built the Beis Hamikdosh.) For hundreds and hundreds of years the Yidden had kings who came from Beis Dovid. This continued until the Yidden were sent into Golus. They weren't allowed to have their own king to rule over them in Golus. The Yidden were very upset about this.

(Peirush Mishnayos La'Rambam

Perek 10 - 10th Principal of Faith)

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