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Malchus beis dovid

project #1


 3 different sheets of construction paper

 2 paper fasteners







1) On construction paper trace and cut the forms of Dovid, Golias and the stone.

2) On a separate piece of paper, (in landscape position), wide side on the bottom, trace and cut out an arch that goes from almost near the edge of one side of the paper to almost near the other edge of the paper.

3) Color Dovid and glue him on one side of the arched slit.

4) Color Golias and attach him with a paper fastener on the other side of the arched slit.

5) Attach the stone with a paper fastener (from behind the page), so it is situated in the middle of the arched slit.


Dovid Hamelech was a great king. His greatness was revealed even before he was anointed king.  Even as a young child, Dovid Hamelech already began to save the Jews from danger.  There was once a giant, Golias, who was very mean.  Everyday he would come and make fun of  the Bnei Yisroel.  He would scare them, daring anybody to come fight him.  Of course, no one dared to approach Golias.

Dovid was bothered that this giant scared and made so much fun of the Bnei Yisroel.  He decided to do something.  He  took his little slingshot and went to fight Golias.  Dovid threw a stone from his slingshot, and the stone landed on Golias forehead.  Golias fell down and died.  Bnei Yisroel were so thankful for Hashem's miracle.  Immediately Little Dovid became a hero and all the Yidden were proud of him.

After Dovid became king, he continued fighting the Goyim.  He had many wars with them - so that the Yidden could  live safely in Eretz Yisroel.  

(Shmuel I Perek 17)

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