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1) The Shulchan, (table) where the bread was kept; the Mizbeach, (altar) where they brought up korbonos (sacrifices); the Menorah; the Aron, (holy Ark), where the Luchos (tablets) were kept; the Mizbeach (atar) made of gold where the Ketores (incense) was brought; the kiyor, where the Cohanim (priests) washed their hands and feet before starting to work in the Beis Hamikdash (Temple).

2) The special hat, pants, long coat, and belt.

3) We will eat from the Shor HaBor, Livyassan, and from the Yayin HaMishumar.

4) The resurrection will take place in Eretz Yisroel, forty years after Moshiach comes.

5) Cakes and silken clothes will sprout from the ground; fruit trees will grow new fruits every day; the food grown will be tremendous in size; a wolf and lamb will live peacefully together; there will be no more sicknesses; nor hunger; nor jealousy, nor war; Yerushalaim will be full of precious stones and pearls.

6) The Persian Gulf War that took place 5750/1990.

7) Seven times: Umeivi Goel livnei veneihem; Mechayeh HaMeisim; Boruch Atoh..Goel Yisroel; Tekah BeShofar Godol; VeliYerushalayim Ircho; Es Tzemach Dovid Avdecho; Vesechezeno Eineinu.

8) We are Gilgulim (reincarnations) of the generation that went out of Mitzraim (Egypt).


#7 = we are the chosen seventh generation that will merit to accomplish our task of bringing the Redemption.

#8 = 1) Moshiach's harp will have eight strings on it. Dovid HaMelech's had seven strings.

2) Hashem rules the world in an orderly fashion There are seven days in a week Seven years is a Shmittah. Seven Shmittahs is a Yovel (Jubilee). When Moshiach will come, Hashem will rule the world in an infinite manner. A very great and elevated level of Holiness will be revealed. In fact, in physics, the letter symbol of the number 8 lying sideways = infinity. Moshiach will bring us a world of Infinite Peace and Perfection.

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