A Happy Purim to All!

We can learn something about
Moshiach and Geulah from every Yom Tov.

We make a lot of noise to show we want to erase Haman's name.
We give "shalach monos" to our friends and especially to the poor people. (It's also a separare Mitzvah to give Tzedakah on Purim.)
We dress up and disguise ourselves, to represent the fact that Hashem's Miracle was disguised (and not so revealed) in the Purim story.

Queen Esther was chosen to be the one through whom Hashem brought about the miracle of Purim.


This is a real brainteaser!

Can you guess what the Mitzvahs of Purim and Moshiach have in common?

If you think you know, please let us know!




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