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How many rooms were
in the Ezras Noshim
(women's court)
and what were they
used for?

How was "Nikanor's Gate"       brought to Yerushalayom?
How many closets  were used to hold the Cohanims clothing?
Why was part of the Sanhedrin's  (High Court) room extended into the outer wall of the Beis HaMikdash?
Why were there sharp spikes             on the roof of the  Kodesh Kodoshim (Holy of Holies)?
Where did they place the fats that were to be burnt on the Mozbeach (altar)?
Outside of the "Water Gate"         there was a river.The flow of water was blocked.                                   What did they use                   the accumulation of water for?
How did the Cohanim (priests) know when it was time for  Krias Shema?
Who and when was allowed to enter the Kodesh Kodoshim (Holy of Holies)?
How long did the oil                in the Menorah have           to burn for?



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